Plumbing Code Requirements

All toilets being installed must be 1.6 gallons or less.

All shower valves and tub & shower valves must be either pressure balancing and/or temperature balancing valves to prevent scalding. Shower vales, tub valves, and tub & shower valves have a temperature limit stop.

For commercial use, toilets should have open end toilet seats with no lid for sanitary reasons.

Properly sized grab bars should be in installed around toilets in commercial bathrooms.

Any domestic hot water (i.e. water being used for washing, showering, and/or bathing) that is being supplied by a coil from within a hydronic boiler or from an indirect fired water heater must be equipped with a tempering valve installed on the hot water supplying the fixtures. The tempering valves must be certified for domestic use. The temperature should be 120 degrees.

In handicap accessible bathrooms and restrooms, make sure the hot and cold water piping and drain piping under the sink is insulated with a specified type of insulation so that there can be no injuries to any persons in a wheel chair.

Make sure all shower heads, bathroom sink faucets, and kitchen sink faucets maximum flow is between 2.2 gpm to 1.65 gpm.

Make sure that the plumber, electrician and/or contractor or remodeler is licensed, bonded, and insured. It's for your protection. Make sure the certificate of insurance comes from an insurance agent and not just from the person hired.

If a permit is required by the town, borough, city and/or any other administrative authority, again, make sure it is obtained. It's for your own protection.

Make sure that any water heater, boiler, and/or any other type of fixture that requires a safety and/or pressure relief valve is installed and is in good operating shape. Never, ever plug the opening if they are leaking. Call a plumber.

Whenever any digging has to be done, make sure that underground utilities are called and the required markouts are completed.

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